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Renewable Bamboo Surfboards



Our bamboo products start out their lives in the jungles of southeast Asia. When they are harvested, only the upper stock of the plant is taken so that the rest of the plant is not harmed. It only takes a couple years after harvesting for the plant to grow back to its original size and it can then be harvested again.
Our Coconut products start out their lives in the trees high above the jungle. Once the coconuts reach maturity they are carefully harvested so as to leave the tree completely unharmed. The coconuts are then used either in food production for their sweet meat, or their delicious coconut water. We then take the husks(which used to be thrown away) and create our beautiful products.
Our Cork products start out their life growing in the beautiful hillsides of portugal. Every 10 years the cork oak trees bark is harvested. This harvesting does not harm the trees and are in fact the only tree that can have its bark completely removed and continue to thrive. the cork bark is then stamped out into wine stoppers. the excess scraps that were not used are then ground up and molded into our beautiful line of products.

We set out to make a company that was first and foremost a positive impacting company. We were sick and tired of companies not taking accountability for their own products, and choosing profit over sustainability. We knew that we had a long road ahead of us but with the right team and the earth on our side we knew we could really make a difference. All of our products are made for one reason and one reason only, to promote positive change. Every product we make is made from 100% natural and sustainably grown plants without pesticides. Our Bamboo, Cork, and Coconut products are beacons of hope in the fight for our planet. 


Walk into any surf shop in the world today and you will see boards made form fiberglass, resins, and foam lined up wall to wall. Not only are these products extremely toxic to produce but after a board has run its lifetime and been thrown away (typically 3 months to a year) all it will take is over a TRILLION years to biodegrade. Ya that's Trillion with a T! Not to mention all of the toxins it leaches into the earth during the process. So we decided to change that. Our boards are made from 100% bamboo with a thin layer of plant based epoxy resin. These boards are stronger, lighter, and last up to 5 times longer than foam boards. They do not dent, delaminate, or harm the environment. If for any reason you break a board beyond repair you can rest easy knowing that our boards are biodegradable with nutrient rich elements for a positive lasting effect on the environment. 


We hate to see anything go to waste, so in our Solar powered factory we use everything. We take all of the left over bamboo pieces from board production and use them to produce bamboo particle board, charcoal water filters, and super soil which we then use in local communities to help build houses, provide clean drinking water, and grow crops.


As a company we always knew that we wanted to help rebuild ravished areas of forrest caused by both natural and human causes. So we decided that for every board we sell we will also plant a tree.


So please join us in making the world a better more beautiful place.

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