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The beginning

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

We dreamed it, we designed it, we built it, we ripped on it, and now we are bringing it to the world.

It all started with the idea of creating a board that gives back to the world instead of taking from it. Every aspect of current boards is bad for the environment and for some crazy reason, we all just accept it. The foam used in those boards takes over a TRILLION years to degrade while leaching toxins. The fiberglass cloth and resins used to strengthen the board are created using toxic products and are themselves toxic. The plastic fins and fin boxes are not only made from toxic materials and products, but they will NEVER fully degrade. Many of these boards will be ridden for less than a year before they breakdown and are thrown away. When you step back and look at what a board is made of, its a scary truth. The only reason people seem to buy these boards (ourselves included) is because there is no other real option. Old wooden boards do still exist but are extremely expensive and are much heavier. Some biofoams have sprung up but still are not much more environmentally friendly than standard foams and the process to create them can be costly.

To tackle this problem, we knew it would take a small army. We got together a group of the best mechanical engineers, materials engineers, shapers, surfers, and professional athletes to make a product that is better than current boards and sustainable for the future. Through many different materials, trips around the world, and countless shapes emerged bamboo. An amazing material that grows quicker than wood and does not need to be killed when harvested.

When harvested, the bamboo stock is simply trimmed, leaving the rest of the plant unharmed. It takes less than a year for the stock to regrown to the pre-trimmed length and it is scientifically proven that trimming the plant helps it stay healthy. It also is extremely strong, light, and captures lots of carbon.

Once we had the material chosen, we turned it over to the engineers to design the strongest, lightest, and most fluid dynamic board possible. Through rapid prototyping and lots of math, they came up with about 15 designs. From there it was turned over to the shapers to create the designed boards by the engineers. After the shapers put their tweak into all the engineered boards, it was time for the surfers and pro-athletes to test them out.

After some adjustments and additions, we ended up with the best designs for our boards. We also added renewable cork deck pads to increase traction on the boards and decrease the need for a lot of wax.

We are extremely excited to offer these to the world and we hope that you will join us for this new and exciting adventure.

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